Backstage: The Circus Has Arrived!

Research to Realizing a Concept has met its latest challenge. “Circus” was the theme and this is the Backstage.

 Text: Mary Giatra


“From the Saltimbanques, the Jesters and the wandering Troubadours during the Middle Ages to the 19th century Circus. Get inspired by the freaky, the monstrous and the unique in human nature!” These were Nicholas Georgiou’s words when he assigned the Styling Class our newest project. The theme itself was so vast and boundless that every student found something different to draw inspiration from, during the research procedure.

John Galliano for Christian Dior Spring 2002 Couture

Family of Saltimbanques, 1905, Pablo Picasso

Due to its long history, circus has inspired many artists around the world. From Picasso’s wonderful drawings to John Galliano’s famous creations, circus is and forever will be a limitless source. Research, characters, wardrobe, casting, fitting and production. These were the steps that we had to follow. Almost two months of constant effort in order to be able to produce something as beautiful and unique as our theme.


But the challenge wasn’t over. We decided that we weren’t going to shoot photographs but produce video-art. Movement and sound would add life and power to the final result. One week before the shooting, we were really proud to meet the artist, one of the most renowned photographers, no other than Mara Desipris. She surprised us during the fitting and we got the chance to meet each other and talk. We discussed about our work and listened to her approach really carefully. Her work, avant-guard, playful and innovative inspired us even more and we couldn’t wait to watch her in action.

When the weekend of the shoot arrived, both anxious and excited we worked hard in order to produce a fine result that would complete our vision. Two days full of action and drama passed, and now we are just going to have to wait for the results. Counting down the days anyone?