ARCHITECTURE: Another Award for Daniel Libeskind

The innovative Military History Museum in Dresden has just been awarded the 2013 Micheletti Award. A very prestigious award, for an amazing space.

Text: Mary Giatra


The museum is built in an original armory, first built in 1876. Since 1897 it has hosted a lot of exhibitions. It has gone through a lot of transformations. From the saxon armory and museum to the nazi museum and from the soviet museum to the east german museum. 137 years after its creation and since it has changed to the Military History Museum of a unified Germany, a reinvention had to be made.


Studio Daniel Libeskind arrived for its complete transformation. A five-storey steel, concrete and glass polygonal section has been added to the existing structure, symbolically pointing towards the site of the bombings of Dresden. The new part offers almost 20.000 s.m. of additional exhibition space and presents a clear contrast to the solid and heavy original structure. This statement symbolizes physically the changing forms of government and expresses the need to remember and learn from the past mistakes.


The Micheletti Award, a prestigious European award named after Luigi Micheletti recognizing innovative museums, couldn’t have missed this bold statement space. Will you?


photos via: Hufton & Crow Photography, 7 Studio Daniel Libeskind, 8 Bitter Bredt