Christian Louboutin’s new home in Harrods

Lee Broom, the famous interior designer and Central Saint Martins alumni, has created a magical space for Mr Louboutin’s collections, inside Harrods department store.

Text: Maria Meintani


If you happen to pay a visit at Christian Louboutin’s new shop-in-shop, in the eveningwear department of Harrods (1st floor), you’ll get to realize what the “inception” concept is about; drawing inspiration from the city that houses this brand new boutique, Broom has included elements that resemble some of the most iconic landmarks of London. The white fanned archway entrance that works as the shop’s display, inspired by the Covent Garden Opera House, will take you through a space with several white street lights acting as stands for the shoes displayed, facing a giant etched glass clock that illuminates the place, paying homage to the emblematic Big Ben. There also some references to the original tiled walls of London’s Underground, which are used to display some of the brand’s latest collections.

Lee Broom said: “It has been an honour to design the new store for Christian Louboutin in Harrods. I have always been a huge admirer of his work and I am delighted to be designing this space in one of the most famous department stores in the world. I have enjoyed drawing on my fashion background and creating a magical space that has a real sense of drama and escapism”.

Behind an arched mirror you will also find an intimate private room, including a low seated lounge area and a “dramatic red tiled wall” – a signature colour for monsieur Louboutin and his brand. In the same space, the warm wood cabinet shelves create a “cabinet of curiosity effect” and display a selection of exceptional archive pieces from Louboutin’s twenty year career, illuminated by Broom’s celebrated, handmade Crystal Bulbs. The space also features a special orders service and a VIP room, available by appointment.

Overall, it is quite amazing how Broom has managed to encapsulate Louboutin’s theatrical style whilst giving the space a British twist. “The entirely bespoke shop-fit, inspired by London icons such as Big Ben and the London Underground, make it a unique must-visit destination for the best-heeled women in town”, Harrods chief merchant Marigay McKee told us. “It’s a perfect fusion of Parisian London chic”.


Photos: Marcus Peel