Text: Vicky Kaya


Sunglasses are a must have accessory!

One should invest in sunglasses for two simple reasons: protection and style!
I am not going to lie… I have too many pairs of sunglasses!
I just love the style they add, even on the simplest outfit!
Whether you are in shorts, jeans, or even in an evening gown, a pair of cool sunglasses offers a special something!

If we take a look at this year’s fashion trends on shades, the cat-eye sunglasses are once again present, and so are the 90s round shaped, which I find ultimately     fashionable.
Isn’t it really fun when you experiment with edgy shapes and vintage designs?

Apart from designer pieces, you can also find the coolest vintage treasures on flea markets! Just make sure that you buy lenses of good quality, you don’t want to mess with your precious eyes!

Tom Ford tortoise sunglasses

As you probably know by now, I’m more of a classic gal in shapes and colors.
My collection of sunglasses compiles of classic designs in earthy hues but sometimes I like a touch of color, depending on my mood!
Summer is here, the sun is shinning and our mood is upbeat!
So, put on your coolest sunglasses and make a statement!

Till next week



Mykita aviators

Marc Jacobs three-color shades

Marc Jacobs metallic aviators

Linda Farrow off-white shades

My favorite Lindberg sunglasses

Celia Kritharioti snake-print sunglasses

Bottega Veneta yellow shades

And don’t forget the Toms movement regarding sunglasses: You buy a pair and someone in need has his sight taken care of.