Summer Intensive Workshopaholics – Part 2

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Last summer I didn’t have any plans so I decided I wanted to do something else for a change. Accidentally, I came across the advertisement for the summer intensive course and it seemed really interesting to me. The decision to attend the course was rather a spontaneous movement than a future plan. It was certainly a step out of my comfort zone. The opportunity to try something different and learn something new was very appealing to me.

Two full weeks of history of costume, photography, history of art and fashion journalism was definitely “my” thing. We were all day at the school talking about decades in fashion, famous photographers and artists, learning about fabrics and patterns, all in a friendly environment where we met new people and had a great time. Before that, fashion was more of a hobby. I hadn’t thought about it seriously, as a profession. But during those two weeks of learning so many interesting things, I changed my mind completely.

Moreover, when I decided to apply for the full year scholarship, the notes I kept during the summer intensive course were very helpful and in the exams the questions seemed a little bit “familiar”. I was neither nervous nor anxious.

And here I am, almost a year after, and many of the things I’ ve learned from the summer course still help me at all those different projects that we have to accomplish.

Even if you don’t want to follow a career in fashion, the course will broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge. But, if you do want to pursuit one, your passion will turn even greater and who knows where it is going to lead you in the future?

Yiota Dendrinou