MUSIC ID: Allah-Las

Inspiring 1960s tunes from the band we will have the chance to see live in Athens

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Miles Michaud, Matt Correia, Spencer Dunham and Pedrum Siadation, are the ones that formed Allah-Las in Los Angeles, California, a few years ago. Their sound is clearly influenced by the 1960s rock styles that were flourishing both in UK and US by that time and their music is pure delight, like it was created right in this decade. The four-piece band has stated in Guardian that “We wanted to make the kind of music we weren’t hearing being made by contemporary bands, free of digital effects and synthesised sounds, groovy and danceable in a way that wasn’t aggressive”.


They released their first single Catamaran/Long Journey in 2011. The next year, their second single titled Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)/Sacred Sands was out. Both singles gained acclaimed recognition by critics and public and Allah-Las became a band worth to watch.


The debut album of Allah-Las was characterized as “a classic debut record, on the one hand immersed in melancholic nostalgia but on the other, enthused with a timeless charm”. The self-titled album captures the original Californian spirit, with dreamy and carefree melodies that are capable to accompany your mood in any occasion. Busman’s Holiday, Don’t You Forget It, Sandyand No Voodoo are tracks from the album that will captivate you with their breezy melody.


The band’s style incorporates Californian laid-back, relaxed clothing, but in some of their videos they are also dressed in suits that revive the 1960s atmosphere.


On Friday May 31st, Allah-Las will play on Fuzz Live Music Club, with My Drunken Haze being the opening act. Moreover, on May 29th they will be in Patras and on June 1st in Thessaloniki. If you are impressed, certainly don’t miss the chance to enjoy the band live.