Matthew Williamson x Benefit cosmetics

The British designer has teamed up with Benefit cosmetics, creating a makeup palette, named ‘‘The Rich is back’’.  

Text: Maria Meintani


Since Benefit cosmetics have been in charge of the make up part in his collections for quite some seasons now, and taking their well known humorous and easy going approach in all of their products into account, they both made a perfect match. “I’m always heavily involved in any collaboration we do and this one was no different. I worked with them on the entire process (except of course the technical bits – I left that to the experts!)”, Williamson said. “Benefit appeals to me as a brand as it’s irreverent, energetic and optimistic. They’ve supported my shows for the last two seasons and so this collaboration felt like a natural next step”. ”They take a slightly irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach”, said the designer. ”And the optimism expressed in the brand is something I like to do in my work”.

“This high-octane make-up kit encapsulates some of my favourite iconic prints and the fun-loving, light-hearted spirit of the Benefit girl”, says Williamson who,despite his cheerful, colourful approach when it comes to his designs, his beauty taste is a bit more minimalistic: “I’m definitely of the mind-set less is more,” he said.

The kit consists of a four-eye shadow palette and a lip gloss, in addition with a few Benefit’s best sellers like a miniature of the ‘They’re Real’ mascara and the ‘Gimme Fever’ Cheek Powder. The best part is that you can easily remove the make up tray and use this lovely box to store your bijoux or whatever else you’d like.

“My inspiration is nostalgic to the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, glamorous cocktail parties, and hedonistic discos, adopting the allure of the stylish, iconic women that frequented exclusive nightclubs such as Studio 54. Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli and Jerry Hall, but with a younger, more playful sensibility”, said the brilliant designer.

As for his next steps into the world of cosmetics? “I’d love to launch a beauty line of my own one day”, he revealed. “I’ve enjoyed my first foray into the cosmetic world and hope it’s not the last”. We kinda share hopes, that’s for sure!


Matthew Williamson’s palette for Benefit will go on sale on June 15th