MC TALENT DIARIES: A Ticket to the Fashion Industry

Three fashionworkaholics face a 3-month challenge of interning at Marie Claire Greece. Once a week each one of them shares their own experience at MC Talent Diaries. 

Text: Sophia Karagianni


Once upon a time and while I was studying Law, I’d been dreaming of a position in a fashion magazine. Everybody was claiming that law is not my object. Indeed. For me, everything was all about fashion. In September I made my decision to change career path and follow my passion. I was so ready to give everything I had. When I entered the door of Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya I couldn’t imagine that my dream was about to become real. And here I am now, working as an intern in Marie Claire magazine in Greece.

What a great opportunity for me, at the beginning of my career, to have the chance to work under real circumstances of preparing a magazine issue, and practice by the side of the best professionals, during the whole procedure- from photoshoots to writing and final editing.

Being a “fashion intern” sounds glamorous and it is. However, it’s not an easy work. Passion for the fashion world, it’s the most important element. It’s all about a deep dedication to working in this business. You have to love it. Period.

Sophia and Mariannie 

Kelly and Mariannie

Eagerness, initiative, intelligence, discretion, flair, accuracy, stand-out writing talent are some of the tools that an intern needs to acquire and the whole journey is what can give you the biggest pleasure. But into this fashionable yet demanding journey, one can realize that it is possible to surpass the limits in the most creative way. Watching our work reach the desirable result is an unbelievable sense of pride and satisfaction!