ARCHITECTURE: A Temporary Home for Hermès

The latest Pritzker Award laureate, Toyo Ito, designs an elegant pop-up pavilion for the legendary house of Hermès.

Text: Mary Giatra


Basel, Switzerland hosts Baselworld, the world’s renowned watch and jewelry show. The most important brands universally, display their collections there, creating their own unique pavilions. This year, Toyo Ito designed the new La Montre Pavilion for the luxury label Hermès that incorporates an openness and lightness which fit well to the brands aesthetics.

More specifically, this new pop-up store is a two-story box, covered with criss-crossing wood over a steel framework. Wood, glass and metal complete the interior and enhance the structure’s craftsmanship. The 1.040 s.m. store contains also 167 plants and the light which is able to travel throughout the interior space, highlights the designer products that are on display.

The use of natural materials instead of fancy and flamboyant trimming, adds a level of humility to the pavilion and lets the brand’s name speak for itself. Architect and label, both have something in common, their love for impeccable quality and handmade products. Elegance and innovation is embodied to this new pop-up space that is also able to be taken down and rebuilt as many times as needed.

Have a look at the pictures.


photos via designboom