Mate by Mario Testino

What happens when the fashion photographer Mario Testino creates a brand new, non-profit culture organization that promotes artists from his native Peru?

Text: Danae Terzakou.


Well… Mate happens and it’s about Testino’s desire to give the chance of his fellow Peruvian artist to show the fruits of their creativity. “I wanted to give back to my country and I figure the best way that I can do this is by giving back through culture”, Testino told to Vogue UK. “We have many ideas for supporting and working with artists with Mate and we hope soon to be announcing some plans”. The headquarters of such foundation is a renovated 19th century building and the first exhibition that will held, entitled as “Todo o Nada” -meaning All or Nothing- is probably the largest collection of Testino’s work in the entire world. The collection is to open on July 27 and will showcase the two main concepts found in the photographer’s work: fashion and nude.