Baby Doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent

If you happen to be a loyal fan of YSL mascaras just like I do, the new, just landed product of the Volume Effet Faux Cils series will be your new must have!

Text: Maria Meintani

Being the latest arrival to YSL’s beauty line, the Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll mascara promises to enhance your eyes to the maximum and offer them the ultimate false lashes effect.

Coming in 4 different shades in order to compliment any eye colour (Fetish Black/ Audacious Blue/ Indiscreet Purple/ Wheedler Brown), its rich formula will add sheer volume to your lashes and capture the light in every twinkling of your eyes, making them look big and playful, in a totally disarming way. The double-faceted brush, with both thick and fine bristles,will cover each one of your lashes, even those little ones in the corners of your eyes, making them look perfectly defined, without combs or unwanted quantity of product. Ultra seductive and absolutely feminine, this is how your eyes are about to look.

The digital campaign of the product is also worth talking about. Made to look more like a music clip, featuring the house’s new muse Cara Delevingne, and musically dressed by Chuck Berry’s «Oh Baby Doll» track, remixed by the «La femme» group, this short film is a mixture of elegance and freedom. Cara’s  cheerful character and innocent-looking beauty make her the perfect girl to embody the «Βaby Doll» who, in the video, allows us to watch her mental trip back to her favourite memories, a trip that starts the moment her lashes get in touch with the Baby Doll mascara.

Enjoy the video here:

So what do you think? Are you ready to follow her and indulge into her adventurous paths?

If so, find the mascara here