Beauty: The Spring/Summer skincare must-haves!

A beautiful, radiant skin is essential for every woman in order to look drop dead gorgeous. Do you take proper care of yours?

Text: Maria Meintani

Spring has sprung and it’s time for some serious refresh! Clothes and accessories are always welcome, able to renew our wardrobe and boost our mood but real beauty has to do with the skin that we live under. Since summer is just around the corner, this is the perfect time for you to hit the reset button and start taking care of your epidermis, in order to be prepared for the hottest season of the year.

Here I’ve gathered the most effective products to help you!


by Biotherm

We’ve said it before; our eyes are the window to our souls. The eyes zone is the area we should pamper the most as it is probably the first one to reveal any aging signs.

A proper skincare routine for this area is essential and it should be taken into serious consideration from an early age.

Biotherm has the ultimate product for this purpose which targets wrinkles, darkness and lack of firmness, all in one! According to the brand, a younger, more luminous look is waiting for you, in 3 easy application steps:

1. WRINKLE ACTION: “waves movement” – palpate-roll on wrinkles to smooth

2. DARK SPOT ACTION: “bubble movement” – pinch dark spot to reboost micro-circulation

3. FIRMING ACTION: “crab movement” – circular movement to replump the skin.

The rejuvenating formula, consisting of extracts of pure thermal plankton, macro-algae L.Ochroleuca and micro-algae A.Flos-aquae, with flavonoid, amino acid and peptides will give you the coveted bright look you aim for.

by Biotherm

Every year we suffer from the same burning issue; cellulite is the no1 female nightmare when it comes to summertime and bare legs. In case you had no foresight and left your skin untreated during winter, Biotherm is hereto save the day. Celluli eraser, a slimming gel which promises to visibly erase cellulite from 14 days* thanks to the association of pure Caffeine and an extract of Coralline algae will significantly improve your skin’s texture, if applied twice a day on the problematic areas. The application should be gently, with circular movements on the targeted spots until the gel is completely absorbed by your skin.

by Biotherm

In order for your skin to glow, it needs to be deeply hydrated from within. Biotherm’s new facial serum, containing the exclusive Life PlanktonTM, rich in 35 nutrients, this magic bottle promises to “promote the birth of a new skin quality and create light from within”.

“For the 1st time, BIOTHERM biologists have managed to concentrate it 3X more** and associate it with mannose, a patented hydrator, to create DEEP SERUM”.

All you need to do is apply on your face before your morning and evening normal skincare. So simple, yet so effective.

by Yves Saint Laurent

It’s no secret that all women seek a luminous complexion without any flaws or imperfections.Imagine a product that acts on the three basic aspects of skin’s radiance; relief, colour tone and transparency.

YSL’s  Forever Light Creator range comes with three miraculous products; a serum, a lotion and an emulsion milky lotion that replicate the job of glycans, which naturally regulate the chromatic balance of the skin.

“The Glycanatif WT complex of the products, associated with Actyly C, targets the skin chromatic disorders to create “the purest of lights”, says the brand.
Who wouldn’t love such a targeted treatment coming from a luxurious brand like YSL?


by Kiehl’s

Imagine waking up toa smooth, glowing complexion. This lightweight treatment by Kiehl’sis an overnight therapy, 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free, promising to restore your skin’s healthy appearance while you’re sleeping. Easiest thing you could ask for.

And here is a Kiehl’s Insider Tip for you: Apply over Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate for optimal anti-aging and healthier skin benefits.


by Kiehl’s

Another miraculous product that works wonders while you’re sleeping!
“Formulated with drought-resistant Fountain Plant, this new addition to Kiehl’s iconic Ultra Facial range replenishes skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration and healthy looking skin”, says the brand. Worth giving a try, don’t you think?