Zeus + Dione

Text: Vicky Kaya


According to a greek myth the parents of Aphrodite -the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation- were Zeus and Dione.
Aphrodite possessed a magic girdle which had the power of inspiring love and desire for those who wore it.


Zeus + Dione Summer 2013


Based on the myth, my dear friend Mimika Kolotoura & her associate Mareva Grabowski started creating their own myth through their brand Zeus + Dione, a collection of handmade, high quality products of refined craftsmanship.
After great research all over Greece on different entities such as manufacturers, small workshops, artists and designers, they translated the rich Hellenic heritage into fashion and life style items.


   Mareva Grabowski and Mimika Kolotoura


A collection of clothes, sandals, jewelry and bags inspired by the greek doric rhythm, which have  become my new must have items for the holidays!




Summer is here and the only thing that comes into mind is an escape to the Greek islands with the basics in my luggage and my new favorite fashion items.
Enjoy the lovely weather and find beauty in the basic and simple elements of life!




Zeus + Dione Summer 2013


Backstage shooting Zeus + Dione video



Zeus + Dione are available at Mageia, Attica and Zeus + Dione boutique in Mykonos at Grace Hotel