MUSIC ID: Macklemore

The rapper from Seattle turns out to be the biggest surprise of the music industry so far in 2013.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, started his occupation with music when he was only 17 and released his first EP “Open Your Eye”s independently. After that another two EPs followed, as well as two albums and The Unplanned Mixtape.

But it was not until his collaboration with producer Ryan Lewis and their album “The Heist”, which was out in October 2012 that gave Macklemore acclaimed recognition. Followed by a world tour, the album was an instant success and their song Thrift Shop reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold more than 2.2 million copies.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Thrift Shop is inspired by personal experience, since he is shopping secondhand his whole life. “My tally of purchases has got to be in the thousands. I would say probably 3,000 items”, said the artist in GQ and gave also tips for shopping in such a place. “When you walk into a thrift store, you cannot have any expectations. You have to be open-minded”.

Macklemore’s style is definitely playful and he isn’t afraid of wearing pieces like fur coats, bold coloured suits and jackets with fringes. He and Lewis have also launched an apparel collection with T-shirts and sweatshirts and you can find it here.


Rolling Stone magazine characterized Macklemore’s and Lewis’ collaboration as an “indie rags-to-riches story”.

Moreover, the artist supported gay rights and marriage through his single Same Love, which condemned homophobia in society and mass media. And he didn’t hesitate to announce his engagement through facebook with his girlfriend Tricia.

“I want to be someone who is respected and not just in terms of my music. I want to be respected in terms of the way that I treat people. […] Music is my creative outlet in terms of expressing what is important to me; what has importance, what has a value. And I want to be respected for that”.