Profile In Style: Harley Viera Newton

A stylish Deejay with many talents

Text: Mariannie Samara

Harley Viera-Newton is the new it girl that proves that one can have many skills. Having grown up in LA, she now resides in NYC where she is very popular as a DJ. From hip clubs, to fashion parties and from rock’n’roll, to post-punk, Harley is at all places. Apart from these, she has graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School with a double major in Egyptology and Social Science. She occasionally works as a model as well. But her top accomplishment is that Dior Beauty chose her to be their House DJ and Beauty Ambassador. A perfect match for her, we think.

Viera-Newton’s style is youthful and girlie. Everything on her seems to be made effortlessly. Her laid back attitude is also expressed through her clothing. She says: “If you’re not comfortable and you’re aware of wearing an outfit, everyone else is going to be aware that you’re wearing an ‘outfit.’ That’s not style, that’s trying to be stylish.” Harley loves vintage, mini dresses, leopard prints and petit hand bags. She draws inspiration from street style around the globe, but her style icon is, undoubtedly, her mother.

She has starred in campaigns for Cole Haan and Hermes and has been featured in magazines such as American Vogue, Purple, Elle, Self Service and Jalouse.


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