The Fondation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent is to present the 81 Haute Couture collections through 1.283 production drawings, retracing 40 years of creation and paying tribute to the YSL heritage.

Text: Christina Zikou


Four volumes, 15.000 garments. The history of a House which has not ceased to embrace women by overturning the conventions of seduction and by revolutionizing fashion is to be told via 9.200 sketches, created using Yves Saint Laurent’s drawings, from 1962 to 2002.

SS 1988 Collection, Homage to Cubism

Each garment is represented by a sketch and accompanied by a sample of the fabric from which it was produced. Each production drawing provides us with the name of the couture workshop which produced the piece, the name of the model who wore it, the order in which she walked in the fashion show… It’s a visual treasure and a reference point that provide the keys to his work.

Yves Saint Laurent

“Looking at them (at the production drawings) you enter into the genesis of the creative process, you get as close as you possibly could to each of Saint Laurent’s moves, you follow each step of his work. You see the garment as it was shown for the first time, as it was designed, and worn. The stroke of the pen is visibly swift, sure, and precise. These drawings prove that Yves Saint Laurent was not only the great couturier as we know him but also a dazzlingly gifted fashion draftsman. Artistic creation, we know, is fragile. Fashion is even more so because it is ephemeral. The only work we usually see is the finished, presented design. This publication enables us to follow its creation, and discover how a simple sketch can become reality. And beauty”. Pierre Bergé commented on the introduction of the publication.


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Photos via www.fondation-pb-ysl.net