Holy Fashion

Text: Gaia Deligianni

Fashion has always been driving inspiration from religion and Christianity. From the emblematic Madonnas of Christian Lacroix to Dolce & Gabbana latest collection, designers use tradition in their very creative way.

Christian Lacroix 

Dloce & Gabbana unveiled their latest Fall/Winter 2013 collection in Milan Fashion Week in a religious-like atmosphere. Embroidered mosaic gold dresses with mural prints inspired by Byzantine art’s frescoes, necklaces featuring large Byzantine crosses, heavy pendant earrings and crowns embraced the holy figures. Red, gee, blue and yellow loose tunics turned the models into imperial and sacred presences.




Similarly, Karl Lagerfeld seemed to have tried to approach the divine element with his Chanel Pre-Fall collection 2011, explaining that he was inspired by the Empress Theodora and the lost culture of Byzantium. A very opulent and lavish collection with gold trimmed jackets, sheer silks, jewelry-embellished tweeds, evening dresses and gowns. Lagerfeld found once more the way to express a heightened glamour through an unstudied elegance.