Molton Brown reveals unseen photos of Kate Moss

Who would have thought that THE Kate Moss started as a hair model?

Text: Danae Terzakou


Once upon a time, in the early 90s, a little girl named Kate worked as a hair model for a soon-to-be massive brand for cosmetics. Now this colossus is counting 40 years in action, so it reveals never-seen-before photographs of young Kate Moss. It is said that those shots are unsigned and unpaid, with the then-unknown Moss modeling in various hairstyles.

Indeed Molton Brown started as a hair-salon, using stricktly hand-blended products. It became rather successful during the 1970s, for it was different from other salons. “While four decades later those products and services have evolved, the obsession with unique actives and fragrances and craftsmanship remains”, said the brands CEO, Amy Nelson-Bennet.