MC Talent Diaries: The Real Thing

Text: Mariannie Samara

A few months ago, I was announced that I was one of the students of Fashion Workshop who would experience an internship in one of the most important fashion magazines, Marie Claire.

When entering the heavy door of DOL publications I felt anxious, eager and a bit intimidated. I was about to meet a whole new world. A world that until now, I could only imagine and dream. Fashion was everywhere: from the computers and the pin boards, to the studios that all the action takes place!

Since then, I had the chance to look at the whole process of making an issue and how it ends up to the public. And of course I learned a lot. A stylist is involved in many things: writing, researching and of course picking the clothes. In a magazine everything works as a clock since deadlines are vital. Each and every one contributes so that the best of results is achieved.

I have to admit that practise differs from theory a lot. It is one thing to be told of something, rather than actually living it every day. For the future, I am looking forward to absorbing as many things as possible.

A major experience in such a short period of time!