Setting up the new window display for TOMS

Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya and TOMS collaborated for a creative project that involves the windows displays of the brand’s stores.

Text: Sophia Karagianni

After the TOMS project was announced to us two months ago, all students we were organized into four teams. Our mission was to set up the window displays of five TOMS stores in Athens and Thessaloniki, all inspired by Toms philosophy «One for One» and the motto of the brand «Give Joy Give Toms».

Vicky Kaya and Paminos Kirkinis of TOMS Greece

Known for its giving philosophy and action ‘One for One’, TOMS helps change lives. Blake Mycoskie, brand’s founder started the company with the desire to give new shoes to children in need in Argentina. Blake’s vision soon turned into a simple business idea, which has now turned into a global movement: With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.

Approaching this project with plenty of imagination, we started a whole research. The challenge was to create everything with low-cost reusable and eco-friendly materials that could be easily found, such as shoe boxes, canvas, wood -materials like the ones used by the brand. Our target was, not only to sell the product, but also to spread the message of the TOMS movement.

An interesting and creative process resulted in the new window display of Pop Up Store in Kolonaki, full of joy, happiness, hope and style. The key-object of the scene was mirror. Some pairs of TOMS shoes, placed on colourful boxes made of wood, right in front of a mirror. The actual pair is there to show what the consumer buys, and the reflection that can’t be “touched” is there to represent the donation to people in need.

Being there and watch your work reach the desirable result, was an unbelievable sense of pride and satisfaction.

Mission accomplished. What’s next? Mojo store in Kolonaki. Stay tuned.