Between Elsa and Miuccia

MET presents this year’s exhibition, Schiaparelli and Prada:
“Impossible Conversations”

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting the most influencial and popular exhibitions in terms of fashion. After the tremendous success of last year’s tribute to charismatic Alexander Mc Queen and the “Savage Beauty”, the curators were inspired by Miguel Covarrubias’s “Impossible Interviews” for Vanity Fair in the 1930s. Two iconic designers who have never met, have a discussion: Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.

Two Italian designers, two different eras, two unmistakable instincts, two free spirits, two true innovators

Elsa Schiaparelli brought surrealism in fashion and style, using a shoe as hat, bringing a lobster and a skeleton in dresses, cooperating with Dali and Cocteau, creating without limits or fear.

Miuccia Prada, on the other hand with her love for usual fabrics and her passion for design, took her grandparents company and turned it into a globally known brand and a respectful fashion house with her signing every collection that we love for its uniqueness, purity and grace.

The exhibition will feature approximately 90 designs and 30 accessories by Elsa Schiaparelli (late 1920s-early 1950s) and Miuccia Prada from late 1980’s (her first women ready-to-wear collection was in 1989) till nowadays.

The seven thematic galleries will be separated under seven subjects: “Waist up/Waist down” with a subsection called “Neck Up/Knees Down” featuring hats and shoes, “Ugly Chic”, “Hard Chic”, “Naif Chic”, “The Classical Body”, “The Exotic Body” and “The Surreal Body”.

Opens on May 10th
Till August 19th 2012

Christianna Belba