Profile In Style: Natalie Hartley

An “it” girl with a very rock personality

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou


Natalie Hartley is not the typical fashion editor. I found out about her while going through some blogs, when I accidentally found hers -I must admit I didn’t know about it before. It immediately drew my attention: small pictures, of a blonde girl with messy hair, and perfect styling -who was she?

Natalie graduated from Central St Martin’s and is now the senior fashion editor at InStyle UK, and has a weekly column as senior fashion editor at the Sunday Times, as well. She has also worked for Elle UK, and has her own blog NatalieHartleyWears.

I would describe her style as casual with a rock and messy attitude. She is always cool, and not afraid to mix patterns and bold colors. She prefers sweaters, T-Shirts, jeans, oversized pants and gives emphasis on the accessories. We will never see her wear girly items, but she likes to combine many rings, bracelets with studs, which give something extra to her “wild” approach of style.

Photos via pinterest