Chiara Ferragni for Miss Dior

The «Blonde Salad» has just given us one more reason to envy her dreamy lifestyle!

Text: Maria Meintani

The 25-year-old blogger, who made her way to the top through her very successful fashion website, has been living every girl’s dream during the past couple of years. Lately, she added one more amazing experience to her fashion CV: Chiara Ferragni is the star of Dior’s new video commercial, sporting some outfits of the house’s latest collection, endorsing our beloved Miss Dior perfume!

This is what she said: «I remember well the day of my 18th birthday: among the presents I received one of them was meant to be part of my life forever. It was “Miss Dior” fragrance, which started to be my lovely companion in my frenetic life, sweetening every morning and making me live the parisian dream every time I was wearing it.
And here I am, seven years later, living even more intensely this Dior dream in the Milano store, among fairytale dresses, works of art and unforgettable perfumes».


Enjoy the video here:

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