The TV Show that Brings the 60s Into the Present

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou


Mad Men is apparently the new “it” series that has take a permanent place into our weakly series routine. The show, that just launched its 6th season and has caused a frenzy over the past couple of years in the USA and Europe, has a very precise approach to the lifestyle, social and working conditions of the  50s and 60s.

The very elegant and always tailored men, that work their way in the top of their career, the working women -usually secretaries back then- and the housewife are the basic characters of the show. We see very clearly the differences in theirs manners and their styling. In each episode we become more familiar to the classy and feminine women of that era, dressed in the style that Dior first proposed, in 1947. Women in full skirts, not hiding their curves, and pairing their accessories, live their American Dream every day.


Photos via Pinterest