MadWalk 2013: Deux Hommes, Dimitris Petrou

Text: Gaia Deligianni, Yiota Dendrinou
Photos: Nadia Pouri, Sofia Deftereou



The design duo behind Deux Hommes, Dimitris Alexakis and Grigoris Triantafyllou, has always managed to infuse the traditional into the modern in a sensual and romantic manner. The presentation of their collection at the Madwalk 2013 was mostly impressive and elegantly classy, establishing their sharp storytelling of their personal outview on women’s clothing.

When 60s couture meets Andy Warhol’s music palette a pop explosion occurs! Black-and-white photo prints on tops and skirts that embraced the figures, vibrant lace in citrus fruit colours and floral brocaded attires paraded on the catwalk spreading a japanese aesthetic. Their presentation was accompanied with an act by Eleni Foureira.





Inspired by the swan, its colors, its movements and everything it symbolizes, like grace, romanticism and grandeur, designer Dimitris Petrou created his Spring/Summer 2013 collection in a black and white pallete. By using geometrical patterns and lace details in both women and men clothes, he gave prominence to power of black and white combination, in an original way that gave a different twist in the collection. During the show, artist Despina Vandi, dressed in a body with a black and white print, accompanied his designs in the catwalk and created the perfect atmosphere.