Madwalk 2013: Natar Georgiou, Sotiris Georgiou

Text: Maria Meintani, Sophia Karagianni
Photos: Vasiliki Simeonidi




The Greek-Cypriot fashion duo presented their S/S ’13 collection, in collaboration with Tamta, the ultimate greek pop idol.

Despite being a relatively new force in the fashion industry, Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou have already managed to be featured in Vogue Italia as an emerging fashion duo, while they also had the chance to present a collection in Tranoi, in Carousel Du Louvre.

Their participation in Madwalk 2013 by Coca-Cola light gave us a chance to admire their new collection, named “Dimensional Illusion”. Well known for their love for knitwear and bold colours, like coral and blue, they once again got inspired by their greek heritage and allowed us to feel the aura of the coming summer.

Dresses and skirts with stripes and floral motives accentuated the silhouette, while the maxi and mini forms highlighted the sensational side of the female character in a very elegant way. Metallic threads, fringes and transparency were used, creating a collection full of different  and innovating outfits. Last but not least, the two designers chose Tamta to perform during their presentation, an excellent choice since she is the ultimate greek pop idol, fitting perfectly into their playful way of design.





Having his own label since 2004, the Athens born Sotiris Georgiou was one of the participants of this year’s Madwalk alongside Giorgos Mazonakis.

Attired in black dresses and transformed into realistic figures with chess knight’s headpieces, the 2 models emerged on the stage, framing up the signer Giorgos Mazonakis, who accompanied the show of the Greek designer Sotiris Georgiou.

Focusing on details, the designer presented a collection full of creativity and minimalistic shapes, highlighting the female silhouette.  The «Blending Mind» Collection consisted of ethereal muslin dresses in black, blue and burgundy colour, embracing the woman’s body.  All the outfits came with Greek inspired gold jewels by Maria Piana.

For the men’s collection, the young designer showed suits with strict and clear lines with geometric references. Using the trompe l’oeil technique, he added unique and minimal details to the clothes. The outfits were completed with shoes, designed for the first time by Sotiris Georgiou in collaboration with Stathis Samantas.