#20yearsVK: The Celebration

Photos: Spyros Stergiou

Vicky Kaya celebrates 20 years in the fashion industry, in the most spectacular way!

Last night was one of these special nights!

Full of emotions, joy, sparkles and haute couture. The truth is it goes by fast, but in the end you can’t help but think “What a Night”. Vicky Kaya took the stage to present Madwalk 2013 by Coca-Cola light, a fashion music project that celebrates Greek fashion and music. But this wasn’t the only occasion; Vicky was also celebrating her 20 years of international career in fashion, alongside her baby: the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya, a school of fashion and art that has been successfully operating for 2 years now. From fitting the models, to arranging the sitting, the students -also known as the “Workshopaholics”- tried their best to help organize this huge event that ended up hosting 3000 people.

Vicky, herself, was also shining with happiness and joy. The golden couture corset by Jean Paul Gaultier, that flew directly from Rotterdam, was stunning. The yellow Parthenon dress from the Greek Collection that followed, made eyes turn. Finally, the black tuxedo jumpsuit paired with a gorgeous black diamond necklace by Danelian Diamond Club got a big applause. All her shoes were, of course, Jean Paul Gaultier. The make up was done by her talented and very good friend Alexis Riglis, while the hair by the wonderful Stefanos Vasilakis. Mr. Konstantinos Katalakinos fitted Vicky’s outfits in Paris and decided on the final outcome. Konstantinos serves as a stylist in Gaultier Paris and put his heart and soul into the project, making sure that everything was fit to perfection. Konstantinos is of course Greek . He has been living in Paris for the past 6 years, but visits Greece very often and in any given opportunity he helps the Greek fashion industry in a profound way. “I can’t thank Konstantinos enough, he came into my life and I feel lucky and blessed to have a new valuable friend”, Vicky kept saying.

‘’Everything went great and I’m happy that my students were big part of a real fashion experience. I’d like to thank MAD TV for giving me the opportunity to celebrate my 20 years in fashion, through Madwalk 2013 by Coca Cola light, The Fashion Music Project. I’m deeply honored.’’

Vicky Kaya


Getting ready: Hair and make-up


Fitting the first look: The Golden Corset by Gaultier Paris

Vicky Kaya with Mary Giatra, Konstantinos Katalakinos, Myrto Danelian, Stefanos Vasilakis and Dada Ioannidou


Off to the stage, final touches minutes before Madwalk 2013 by Coca-Cola light begins: 


Ready to take the stage again, this time wearing the yellow Parthenon dress of the Greek Collection by Gaultier Paris:

Vicky Kaya and Konstantinos Katalakinos

Vicky Kaya and Spyros Xylas

Shoes by Gaultier Paris

Konstantinos Katalakinos, Spyros Ksylas and Panio Ventza sharing a backstage moment

Mary Sinatsaki and Vicky Kaya


Backstage, wearing the black tuxedo jumpsuit by Gaultier Paris and black diamond necklace by Danelian Diamond Club:


The big night has come to an end, Vicky Kaya and Mary Sinatsaki sharing a hug

Vicky Kaya, Panio Ventza, Alex Kavdas and Mirella Alexou