Paris je t’ adore!

Vicky Kaya travels to Paris for her Haute Couture fitting at the atelier of Jean-Paul Gaultier, regarding Madwalk 2013!


Text: Vicky Kaya


Who doesn’t love Paris, even when it’s pouring with rain?


Whatever the weather, Paris is an ultimate must!
Wonderful Haussmann buildings, romantic alleys, beautiful museums and galleries, delicious food and FASHION everywhere you look!


The Hermès fashion show at Grand Palais


I had to go on a business trip to Paris last week, together with Fashion Workshop’s creative director Panio Ventza. Countless meetings, running around galleries and my fitting at Jean Paul Gaultier’s atelier with stylist Konstantinos Katalakinos!


With Fashion Workshop’s Creative Director, Panio Ventza, outside the Hermès
 show at Grand Palais

At Julio Le Parc’s exhibition at Palais de Tokyo


We didn’t feel tired nor cold…we absorbed every image around us and filled our batteries with inspiration and creativity!
My fitting at the atelier was magical. Every outfit was unique and Konstantinos was warm and welcoming every step of the way. I simply loved everything he made me try on!


Fitting with Konstantinos Katalakinos at Gaultier Paris
At the atelier of Jean Paul Gaultier


Naturally, Konstantinos made the final decision on the three Haute Couture outfits I will wear on tonight’s Madwalk by Coca-Cola light!
I feel truly honored and humbled to  wear the masterpieces of  Jean Paul Gaultier, celebrating my 20 years in Fashion! Have I ever told you that Jean Paul Gaultier has been an idol for me? He is a real artist, in every sense of the word!
His contribution to fashion will remain great and priceless for the rest of time.
You should also know that Konstantinos is a very talented Greek, and in every chance he gets, he helps to promote Greece and beautiful Greeks, in the most honoring way!
So thank you Konstantinos for including me in your creative plans and dressing me with gorgeous couture for my 20 years in Fashion!





Trying to decide on a dress with Konstantinos Katalakinos at Gaultier Paris
With Nikos Aliagas and Connie Houston backstage at The Voice: la plus belle voix
What a day.. cheers!