Dip prints

We are handsome and we like it!

For those who would never hug a tiger or never had the chance to go to Paris, “we are handsome” is made for them. Well, I’ve been in Paris but I still crave a “handsome” swimsuit, though.

‘The Romantic’ is their newest collection for 2012 and it’s all about love. The rarest animals of the planet, canines, bouquets of blossomed roses in different shades of red and majestic landscapes parade throughout swimsuits, dresses and leggings.

Tigers are for lovers; tigers are fighters and lovers are fighters too. Find the common thing. Canines are for the cuties, whereas Eiffel Tower and roses are for the total romantic ones. If you are about to buy your girlfriend a bouquet of roses, this swimsuit is the funniest and funkiest choice ever; At least, you have to try.

Evi Savvaidi

Photo courtesy