The graffiti effect

The medium is the message

Always admired graffiti art: the techniques, the colors, the power. Brick walls in NY city, trains transformed into mobile art spaces, school yards and roller garage doors. Artists working over night to offer their best.

When I came back from a trip in Paris I found a graffiti on the red door of FWBVK. “Beauty lies in streets”. Inspirational, well executed, original. I started looking for the artist via facebook and twitter. He answered after a couple of days. “I came but you didn’t answer the door, you were strolling in show biz society”. Rimed and written in Greek. I had to find him. He must be kidding me. I found out he had some other graffities done. So, I was delighted when Athens Voice started looking for Pol too. Here is what they found out.

To be continued in colors…