Margaret Thatcher: The style of an Iron Lady

The Iron Lady might have just passed away but her style will remain eternal.

Text: Maria Meintani


The one and only woman who managed to hold the position of Britain’s Prime Minister (from 1979 to 1990) has died. Renowned for her elegant taste in style, she never failed to impress us with her sartorial choices. Let’s relive some of her life’s most important aspects, alongside with some of her most fashionable moments.

A nine-year-old Margaret Hilda Thatcher, at Huntingtower Road Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

With husband Denis on their wedding day at Wesley’s Chapel in London.(December 1951)

Sitting on the Conservative front bench during the state opening of Parliament in her role as Secretary Of State For Education (July 1970).

Arriving at 10 Downing Street with husband Denis after being named the country’s first female Prime Minister (May 1979).


The Bag

Her go-to accessory, the handbag that “terrorized the ministers”.
Margaret Thatcher was never seen without her signature handbag, a black leather Apsrey tote, made of the finest quality, which was sold for £25,000 in an auction at Christies in June 2011. Her handbag became a symbol of the Britain’s first female Prime Minister’s authoritative style. “I hope that the highest bidder knows that if he’s into handbagging, he’s got a weapon with quite a track record”, said Thatcher’s daughter, Carol, at the sale. “After all, my mother invented the verb ‘to handbag'”.

Blue suits

All shades of blue, from royal to navy, have been part of her wardrobe. When she came into power in 1979, Margaret Thatcher’s Power Dressing influenced a whole generation for women of that time, who struggled to copy her inimitable style.

Pussy Bow Collar
Her dominant personality and her authoritative position were nicely blended with some ladylike details on her outfits, such as the pussybow shirts, an element which Margaret Thatcher adopted in many colours and prints, making it synonymous with her style.


Image advertisers asked her to get rid of them, but the Iron Lady would never be seen without the string of pearls her husband Sir Denis gave her, on the birth of her twins.


Her most recognisable feature, Margaret Thatcher’s ‘helmet hair’ was always at perfect shape and condition, making her look even more princely.

Leaving 10 Downing Street for the last time with husband Denis (November 28th, 1990).

In a powder blue coat on her 87th birthday with son Mark and his wife Sarah (October 13th, 2012).