PROJECT DIARIES: Nomadic Bricolage

XX is her name and she travels around the world in a post-apocalyptic era, fighting for the rescue of the remains of civilization.

Text: Mary Giatra


Research to realizing a concept sets the foundation of our future in the world of fashion and broadens our minds and way of thinking. Our teacher and supporter during this journey of creation, Mr. Nicholas Georgiou, has introduced us to the true essence of metamorphosis, when a simple idea can become something wonderful. In this case, the ideas were five and very different among each other -at least initially.

Studying about Vienna during the 1900s, Hedonism in fashion in the late 1970s, Futurism and Science Fiction, Underwater life and East through the eyes of the western traveller, showed us that there is a strange connection between everything. The deeper we got into unraveling the mysteries of these different topics, the closer we were to creating an image that would equally represent what inspired us the most.

The japanese armours, pictures of Veruschka in the 1970s by Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, the collaboration of Yves Saint Laurent and the Lalannes, the jewelry by Elsa Peretti, the photos of Peter Beard, mongolian nomadism and hunting with golden eagles were some of the infusions of these eras that gradually structured a clear image of what I would like to create. The only thing missing was the character.

A free spirited nomad that travels on earth during a post-apocalyptic era was my heroine and we had to clothe her. Every piece that she was going to wear had to mean something. The militaire element had to be manifest on her apparel and this is why my basic elements were an army uniform and parachute silk. Keeping in mind that every element of her appearance would have to be something created by her from the relics of civilization, a leather armour  socks and boots ornate with hardware and an animalistic headpiece completed the look.

After creating the outfit with the significant help of my teacher, I met with Mrs. Genevieve Majari, our professor of Photography Timeline and photographer of our project. Her mission was to teach us about meeting with photographers, transmitting our ideas and respecting their opinion. We talked about the general vision. Location or studio? Still life or movement? Day light maybe? These dilemmas were all answered after meeting with her and I was feeling safe that the pictures would look beautiful. I am just going to have to wait for the final result. Impatient much?