A Tribute to Grace Kelly’s Timeless Style

Pringle of Scotland and Central Saint Martins worked together for a new collection inspired from Grace Kelly, uncovering the person behind the persona.

Text: Penny Karakasi


The famous knitwear label has been worn by many fashion icons since the 1940s -Brigitte Bardot, Margaret Lockwood and Deborah Kerr were some of them. But the fabulous Grace Kelly with her special personal style, embodied the timeless elegance that Pringle always wanted to capture.

“Grace Kelly is an undisputed style icon, and the public is interested in her and her style is enduring”, explained Douglas Fang, chairman of the brand.

Princess Caroline of Hanover, Kelly’s daughter, embraced the project and decided to help the team by giving access to the private collection of the family which includes photographs, videos and clothing that the public had never seen before.

During the research process with Caroline, students looked at the Pringle’s archives to find everything about the knitwear trends of the age and the way Grace Kelly wore them in her not so documented moments of her life, which formed her off-duty style.

The results of the collaboration were exhibited in the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco under the name “Princess Grace: More than an image”.

The knitwear collection consists of classic pieces which are made in Scotland, and is going to be on sale in September to coincide with the premier of the movie of Harvey Weinstein, in which Nicole Kidman plays the princess in her early 30s.


The items are going to be collectible and will be sold at Jane Davidson, in Edinburgh.