PROJECT DIARIES: It’s all Asian to me

 Five themes, five totally different stories that can blow your mind, cause the most creative brainstorming.

Text: Konstantina Livaditi


To compose a fashion photoshoot, you need to research in order to create a personality, so that your object can have substance and life. Research to realize a concept, the lesson that Mr. Nicholas Georgiou teaches us, is all about that. In this project we were asked to go back in time and take a good look at five different themes: Art Nouveau in 1900, Futurism, Hedonism in fashion, Underwater life and last but not least, East meets West. After a long procedure of finding photographs, paintings and unique personalities of these periods, we had to compound all the things that we were attracted to, and create a character.

The decision I had to take was difficult, because every time I was researching for a specific theme, I instantly became passionate about it and wanted to focus on this only -but this was untill the time I saw the first photographs of the “East meets West” theme. The Chinese Dynasties, the last empress of China, along with many other historical facts of the East civilization combined with the magnificent pieces of clothing and fabric patterns, were enough to make me concentrate on this. Although a few elements of Art nouveau and more specifically some paintings of Gustav Klimt gave some extra inspiration.

The next step was to describe the character of my creation: I just needed to let my imagination free and write a creative and unique scenario, and after that to dress it with outfits from the latest fashion collections. The guidance of Mr. Georgiou was priceless and determinant, so that my imagination could be transferred into reality.

Semi-transparent fabrics, floral patterns and some metallic hints, along with a headpiece and a pair of wooden shoes, is the base of my visual story. The concept needed a background, in order to be completed; here enters our teacher and photographer of this project, Geneviève Majari, who led me to the final touch that I was needed; a floral fabric, similar to the pattern that my clothes had.

There is only two days left until the photo shooting. The pressure is big -the last details need to be done perfectly- but the impatience for the result overcomes everything and gets bigger and bigger while time is approaching.