More hair please!

Over the years, I have changed almost every color, length, hairstyle!

Part of being an international model was changing your hair according to the trends. So I went red, brown, dark, really blonde, shorter, longer, wore wigs…the whole deal!

I enjoyed it all the way. I found it fascinating and saw myself in completely different light! Even moving on to the Tv field, I had to go very blonde just because it looks better on screen! Working in front of the camera is very demanding and one needs to see how important change is.


Votre Beaute

After all these years I finally went back to my natural color, dark blonde.
My hair quality is very good still, because I never gave up on taking good care of my hair!
Do NOT neglect your hair mask girls…whatever you do, use it every time you wash your hair!
Learn how to comb your hair the right way, with a natural hair brush. Brush your hair starting from the ends and working it up!
Moisturize your hair with oils or creams and try to avoid harsh styling products for everyday use.
And last but not least: trim your hair when needed even just for a little bit.

Not so hard…!

Till next week!



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Caviar Seasilk Hair Masque

Sunsilk Keratinology heat protector hairspray

Kiehls Silk Groom Serum

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment