Parisian Stroll #10 – Luxury Street Art

Louis Vuitton has invited three personalities from the world of street art to give a new look to its emblematic scarves.

Text: Christina Zikou


The famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton continues to collaborate with contemporary and street artists who share the same vision. The latest spring/summer collection of the “Foulards d’Artistes” features the giant silk scarf, the stole and regular silk scarf under the new look inspired by New York-based Japanese artist AIKO, American artist Marquis Lewis aka RETNA, and Brazilian duo Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, otherwise known as OS GEMEOS, creating a colorful, energetic and fashionable scenery.


The Mosaic Square by OS GEMEOS

The Giant Square by AIKO

The Limited-Edition Stole by RETNA

Two prints created by Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton complete this capsule collection: the leopard pattern is enlivened with new seasonal colours while the “graffiti” signature plays out in an urban tag and intertwining of colours.

The Stephen Sprouse scarfs 


“AIKO, RETNA and OS GEMEOS represent the most complete and original expression of the merging art scene, which is coming out of the street culture” confessed Jeffrey Deitch, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles. Are you ready to explore the imaginary journey in three acts?




2001: Stephen Sprouse is the first artist invited by Marc Jacobs to collaborate on the ready-to-wear and textile lines.


100 g: the weight of the Tropical crêpe de Chine scarf (2013 cruise collection)


12,000 metres of thread are needed to create a Monogram shawl.


1989: launch date of the Monogram shawl, the textile icon available in thirty colours and four textures, including denim (2005), shine (2006) and veil (2012).


38 metres: the length of the table on which bolts of silk are unrolled so that the engraved screens can successively enable the printing of colours.


62: the number of colours for the scarf designed by Japanese artist AIKO in 2012


100 metres of silk and cashmere are produced daily on a loom


For more information on the collaboration, visit the official Louis Vuitton site. Photos Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.