Profile In Style: Leandra Medine

Meet the girl that added a new term in the dictionary of fashion!

By Mariannie Samara


Leandra Medine created her blog, “The Man Repeller”, about 3 years ago and the impact was made instantly. She stands for all these extreme fashion items that women love to wear and men find so unattractive. Or, better said, it is about a kind of style that men don’t seem to understand. Harem pants, shoulder pads, chunky wedges and clogs, are only some of the repelling pieces.

“Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic”, she explains. Her mother points out: “She is relating fashion to feminism. She is saying women dress for themselves”. And that is what makes her so fascinating. She has admitted something that many women wouldn’t dare to say out loud.

Leandra is about to graduate from the New School for Liberal Arts with a major in journalism. That explains her witty texts in her blog. Her first book also, will be published soon. When her blog was one year old, the NY Times had a post about Leandra. Until now, Medine has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky and Teen Vogue and has collaborated with designers such as Rachel Roy, Kimberly Taylor and Simon Doonan for a video for Barney’s.

Her sense of humour is truly amazing. And that is something that is obvious both in what she says, and what she wears. She thinks that people should not take high fashion too seriously. “Why be common when you can be crazy? I think I would much rather people remember me as the crazy girl than not remember me at all”. And she is absolutely right!




Photos via:,, Stockholm, pinterest