Take My Picture

A mini-documentary regarding the street style mania, created by Garage Magazine

Text: Danae Terzakou.


Fashion has left the runways and the glamour of Hollywood and set foot on the streets, where everything is possible. Outside every fashion show there is a group of fashion photographers, waiting to take a picture of the so-called street-style fashion stars. In Take My Picture, the new mini-documentary created by Garage Magazine, a variety of people in the fashion industry – from critics and stylists to designers and even bloggers themselves, such as the fashion journalist Tim Blanks, the Proenza Schouler duo, Lazari Hernandez and Jack McColloug- address the phenomenon. As Blanks pointed out in this video: “charming…for so many different kinds of people to be so enthusiastic about fashion”. Now, he’s just had enough.

“It’s empowering, but it’s empowering in the way that reality TV has been empowering”, Blanks says in the video. “It makes monsters. It doesn’t make gods; it makes monsters. It’s coarsened, but that’s always the process, isn’t it -with everything? You can’t think of any leap forward that didn’t at some point become a parody of itself. But then what happens next?”