Profile in style: Ursina Gysi

Feel the Swiss vibe of a strong eclectic and individual style!

Text: Christina Zikou


Stylist and assistant to Camille Bidault Waddington, Ursina Gysi has drawn lenses towards herself down the streets of fashion cities with her unique sense of style and her beautiful face. Taking inspiration from the Swiss mountains -where she grew up and travelling around the world, she mixes and matches colors, textures, shapes with a vintage bohemian twist, paired with chic freshness.


Ursina has been sewing clothes since high school, but she started making full collections to create images and design, the kind of visual she wanted to see. She is mostly wearing her own creations. Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet had any plans to sell them, but what she really desires is to have her own studio to work in, some day. So I guess that means that we have a chance of buying her clothes in the near future? Let’s hope so.

Ursina likes to search and find special things. When she finds something she loves, she lives in it until it dies and then looks for her next absolute favorite piece of clothing. Whose personal style does she admire the most? “From 70s girls Shelley Duval and Lauren Hutton, to 90s girl Hope Sandoval, to the new Balenciaga generation”, she tells Oyster Magazine. But what is her key to dressing well? “Be true to yourself, go hard in the paint and underline your beauty”. Three steps worth taking, don’t you think?

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