The Birth of a Unisex Haute Couture

Rad Hourani is the first Official invited member by La Chambre Syndicale de La Haute Couture in Paris, to design and show a unisex Haute Couture Collection in fashion history.

Text: Sophia Karagianni


“I don’t understand why a man has certain things he’s allowed to wear and women have skirts, and flower prints and high heels. I don’t understand who made these rules”, said Rad Hourani to an interview in The Daily Beast. From the beginning he knew what he wanted. It took one year of work, studying female and male bodies, testing different patterns on different bodies until he developed a unisex canvas. He created his own pattern of two body shapes and he made it his standard.

The 30-year-old Jordanian-born former stylist Rad Hurani is one of the newest couturier on the scene. Growing up in Canada and moving to Paris in 2007, Hourani managed to create a more than successful, ideal and unique business, with high-end unisex clothing, something that never existed before. Working hard and having a very precise vision, Rad Hourani now is selling to 130 stores in 30 countries around the world.

The designer showed on the final day of couture shows in Paris. It was difficult to separate the male from the female models running down the runway, but that was exactly the point! Rad Hourani Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 Collection was the first word’s unisex couture ever. “Haute couture for me is about luxury and paying respect to all of the workmanship. It’s a respect for a design and luxury and quality, like a homage to art or things that have a value in society”, he said.

He introduced an androgynous collection suitable for men or women, consisted of monochromatic androgynous looks. Boxy shapes, geometric and strict lines, multiple layers, cut shoulders, leather details, long coats and vests is what we saw in Hourani’s show. Black and white were overlapping each other in the layers. The designer completed the look with identical wigs on the head of the models and wedged sandals and elevated block-heeled booties for both boys and girls.

He had a vision, he did exactly what he loves and he gave the best for it. As a result, something came out of it: he is now on reaching the top as an haute couture designer. «Since I was a kid, I never wanted to be like others, or dress like others. I wanted to create my own thing and I think I’m still doing that».

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