5226 Homme by Nikos Krithariotis

Nikos Krithariotis presents his new collection 5226Homme for the spring/summer of 2014.

Photos: Genevieve Majari

Styling: Nicholas Georgiou


The 5226Homme man is a free spirited wanderer. An active, sporty bon viveur
and hard worker who travels around the globe gathering cultural references.

His wardrobe is composed by low key, superbly crafted classic pieces worn with a carefree approach and a slightly eccentric twist. Simple lines, light tailoring and soft fabrics are of primary importance. He prefers style over fashion and uses it to express his happy, flirty disposition.

The collection revolves around shapes and items of iconic value. The biker
jacket, the narrow suit, the trench coat and the army shirt, eternally cool pieces
of the menswear vocabulary, are revisited in light materials of exquisite quality
resulting in a winning combination of Elegance and Masculinity.
The jackets are made of featherweight wool and cashmere, combined with silk or soft suede often unlined for maximum comfort.

Shirts, the focus point of a summer closet, are made of fine Egyptian cotton and
are produced in Switzerland. Silk and cashmere knitwear and a variety of suede and leather accessories complete the collection.


For the 5226 Homme campaign, Nikos Krithariotis could not find a face more vivid and appropriate than Christos Karvounis, the sophisticated man next door who combines the characteristics of the low-key bon viveur with the ones of a sophisticated globe-trotter.