Mr. F_Man: Best Editorials

What’s going on inside the fashion editorials for the upcoming season?

Text: Pavlos Satsidis


A fashion story can be told in many different ways. Magazines choose to show it through photographs. This is how a fashion editorial comes alive. For the upcoming season, Mr. F_Man finds himself in an artistic mood and that’s why most of the images you are about to see are shot in black and white.  So, take a closer look at the following editorials and decide which one is your favourite. Enjoy!





Editorial: Sasha. 

Magazine: Tape

Issue: 6

Photographer: Lior Susana

Stylist: Patrizia D’ Elia

Model: Sasha Marini




Editorial: Hollywood

Magazine: GQ Style Germany

Issue: Spring/Summer 2013

Photographer: Bruno Staub

Stylist: Grant Woolhead

Model: Clement Chabernaud




Editorial: On To The Wild

Magazine: Hercules

Issue: Spring/Summer 2013

Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

Stylist: Miguel Arnau

Model: Kaylan Morgan




Editorial: L’ Affranchi

Magazine: Vogue Hommes International

Issue: Spring/Summer 2013

Photographer: Solve Sundsbo

Stylist: Beat Bolliger

Model: Jarrod Scott