The flowers of Spring

In Prada’s Spring 2013 Campaign Video star 10 leading models, evoking the flowers of spring

Text: Sophia Karagianni


Prada always finds the most eclectic and iconic models for its seasonal ad campaigns. Sasha Pivovarova, Raquel Zimmermann, Vanessa Axente, Irene Hiemstra, Kirsten Owen, Saskia de Brauw, Eva Herzigova, Sung Hee, Amber Valletta and Irina Kravchenko are the stars in Prada’s newest campaign video. Directed by Steven Meisel, the video treats beautiful, powerful women as blooms in Prada’s secret garden. While the models pose on camera a voice-over describes the characteristics of some of the flowers: dahlia, peony, tiger lily and the tall poppy. In a simple but at the same time mysterious mood, Prada focuses on the aspects of a woman’s complex personality.


The campaign’s outfits as seen on catwalk

«Dahlia, immediate effect on the senses, iris, miss flawless, tiger lily, handle with care. What is she up to? Where is she going? Four steps, three degrees, two measures, one giant leap. The tall poppy she is a bird in paradise, the rarest kind holds your tension, like a vice purely never satisfied. An escape, a chain reaction, a manuscript, a witness a broken vase, a mask, many. A mystery lightnings, lightnings coming down. I can’t see. The secret garden’s overgrowth. It’s dark and there is a light. Hot air rises, cool air forts, in stalling distance comes the lioness, the wind blows and colors, seven seconds swelling around one another. And she is writing something on the mirror. I can’t see. Ten women, pale pink, one perfect petal storm. A true story».