Color Blocking!

One fine day at the office, Genevieve Majari, teacher of Photography timeline and practice, had a brilliant idea.
Our students worked too hard on the Oz project and “we all need to have a little fun”, she said, so she conspired with our creative director, Panio Ventza!

It all happened behind the scenes…I knew nothing! They decided on a colorful spring concept that would be fun and totally fashionable!
“Let’s style the Harlem shake into a Harlem Chic”, they declared!

Genevieve Majari, Spyros Xylas, Panio Ventza


Next step was to brief the students on what to bring for the day of the filming!
Nobody knew exactly was was going to happen…Neither did I! My students got me a a  pink dress and a tiara from Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture
and Genevieve lend me her gorgeous sparkly booties by Yiorgos Elefteriades!
The day before the shooting Genevieve and Panio told me all about it. OMG I thought! What a fun idea, let’s do this! And BOY we did!
I can’t tell you how much fun we actually had! It was truly liberating for all of us. We are still smiling!
Hope you enjoy it too!!


Doing the Harlem Shake!


Here are a few tips on color blocking!
Spring is here people,  let’s color it up!

Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2013


Stella McCartney knitted and silk-gauze sweater and Malene Birger leather pants, all from
Chanel Spring/Summer 2013
Celine tote bag

Moleskine Colour Collection 2013