Linder femme/object

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris hosts the work of the British artist Linder, in a retrospective exhibition.

Text: Kostantina Livaditi


Linder Sterling began her career in the mid 1970s in Manchester. The explosion of the punk scene then, was a strong factor that marked her artistic work, which includes collages, photographs and performances. Linder’s position is one that embraces an uncompromising feminist approach to the critical revelation of culturally-entrenched notions of gender-specificity and of the pervasive sexual commodification of the female body. In her collages, Linder sets about the creation of a collision among socially coded and culturally reinforced notions of gendered identities and behaviours. Printed magazines is one of her main materials in her collages, in which she tries to depict a monstrous creation of insatiable desire and a commercially motivated reinforcement of constructed identities and expectations of behavior.

The exhibition takes place in the Muséed’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, until the 21st April of 2013 and the publication has been produced in close collaboration with the artist. It consists of 200 works of art, offering a comprehensive survey of the depth and diversity of Linder’s work. It is a playful approach that embraces the breadth of Linder’s creative spirit and collaborative energy in the fields of art, fashion, music, and dance.