Carine is back

CR magazine is her “I am back” project

Lazy days are over for gliterrati Carine Roitfeld. Everybody was shocked when in December 2010 she announced her decision to step down as editor in chief in French Vogue after 10 years. “I am free” she said at an interview. Although freedom always comes with a prize, she seems to enjoy her new life, she looks more cool and calm. For the last year and a half she had a few big things done, like collaborating with V magazine and Chanel and having a book published: “Irreverent” is a 368-page album of photographs from her 30-year career. Not to mention the book: “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited” that will be released on August.

 I want to be the Joan of Arc of fashion. I want to be the link between the runway and the real woman

Right now she’s working on her new “baby”: a biannual magazine. “CR Fashion Book”, is going to give her all the freedom and creativity she needs. A much more personal project with a handwritten logo and a few tricks in her pockets to be revealed on September. As she said at WWD: “Vogue is a very beautiful magazine, an institution, and I learned so much working there. You can’t put yourself into competition with a magazine like Vogue; you have to create something new, something different”. We have to wait and see…

Elena Papastavrou (mock up spreads of CR from WWD, Carine’s photo for W by  Paolo Roversi)

Dior Haute Couture’s ivory-embroidered silk jacket; Dior’s vintage jacket. Roitfeld’s own garter belt, jewelry, hosiery, and shoes. Photo: Paolo Roversi

Watch her mini- doc for W magazine:

Elena Papastavrou