Project Diaries: The Queen of Zippers

It’s harder than you might think. A few ideas that have to become a real concept for a real photoshoot by a real fashion styling student…

Text: Penny Karakasi


This time it was about five different subjects. Our teacher Nicholas Georgiou announced that we had to make a research about five things that (as we later noticed) were strangely connected to each other: Art Nouveau in Vienna, Marine life, Hedonism in 70s fashion, Futurism & Science Fiction and East cultures meeting West civilizations.


Fashion Styling student Mariangela’s Sketchbook

Students in the class, researching

Pages from my two Sketchbooks, from Art Nouveau and 70s research


To be honest, when I heard about the subjects, I knew exactly what I was going to do. But this is not the right way so Mr. Georgiou “brainstormed” me and made me think out of the box.

After having researched -a very interesting procedure, but I have to admit that the fun part is the creative one- I was inspired by a brilliant fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen, whose clothes are made of strange materials and are really futuristic-like. Then Mr.Georgiou told me that I could work with zippers instead of metal, to decorate my clothes and now I am about to create a dress decorated with zippers. It’s more complicated than it sounds, it is actually frustrating! A collection of Junia Watanabe which was launched in 2005 and one of Basil Soda of 2010 were the sources of my promising idea.


Iris Van Herpen

Basil Soda

 Junya Watanabe


I bought the zippers (I guess I will need about 200m of them!) and a little black dress, which will help me to form my final piece, because unfortunately, I am not a patronist and I can’t design and make my own dress!



And now I have already started… I will need luck and lots of patience!

Stay tuned for more.