PFW: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-To-Wear collection

Text/Collages: Xanthippe Partsakoulaki


A time travel in the Golden Ages of English history: Sarah Burton, the creative director of the brand, was specifically inspired of the Elizabethan Era for this glorious collection. It has references from the Ballets Russes and the Virgin Queen, as well. All these elements gathered together, creating theatrical and extraordinary garments. Every single outfit was extremely well trimmed, most of the garments were decorated with pearls and gem stones. Festooned or pleated fraise collars, crinolines in shades of black or white. Moreover, an interesting element was the way that the gloves were designed, which had only the fingers covered. Fir the closing, the outfits were decorated with feathers and golden details.