“Oz the Great and the Powerful”: Μaking Οf

Text: Sophia Karagianni

Photos: FWbVK


A Disney-made prequel to “The Wizard of Oz” directed by Sam Raimi, “Oz the Great and the Powerful”, takes us to the fantastic adventure of Oscar Diggs. A small-time magician, who was hurling away from Kansas to the enchanted land of Oz, has ambitions of being a great man. But first, he must learn how to be a good one! Diggs is assumed to be a powerful wizard, until he meets the three witches. The journey is long and he must find out who is good and who is evil before it’s too late! James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Zach Braff star, and give a note of magic with their performances and costumes.

In a fairytale mood and by using our magical arts, we transferred the vibrant Land of Oz into the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. And the project begun.
Feel Good Entertainment and Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya collaborated in a fashionable project and took the movie and its premier in Greece to a higher level. Inspired by the «Oz the Great and the Powerful», the Workshopacholics made an in depth research on the costumes of the movie’s protagonists and recreated their very own haute-couture version of the outfits.


Three weeks ago, and after the project was announced, we were organized into four teams. Approaching this project with modern ideas and lots of imagination, we started our mission. A whole research for the costumes of the main characters of the movie took part: Glinda, Evanora, Theodora, Wicked Witch and the Wizard of Oz. Under the guidance of our teachers Dada Ionannidou and Genevieve Manjari and after a versatile study on the fashion history, we decided the final outfits.

The team, during the preparation

The challenge was to create handmade accessories made out of ordinary everyday objects, that would be also fashionable and fit to the total look. Headpieces, jewelry, ruffs, hats, feathers, pearls, clay, metal, mesh were all part of our creations and led as to the final outcome of the costumes.

Snapshots from our shooting


The top Greek designers on board, Celia Kritharioti, 5226 Hommes by Nikos Krithariotis, Deux Hommes, Atelier Loukia, Konstantinos Melis by Laskos dressed the models with their amazing pieces and Kalogirou shoes completed the magic outfits. Adding the final touch, MAC Cosmetics and Yiannis Michailidis, ESSIE nails and hairstylist Stefanos Vassilakis transformed our models and brought our creations to life.

Yiannis Michailidis, Stefanos Vassilakis and ESSIE nails working on the looks

 Shoes from Kalogirou


The clock was ticking and there was a lot of pressure, in order to be ready for the big premier. Models were especially casted to fit the part of the witches and Oz, after the fitting we did a few days earlier, fixing final details and confirming that everything was perfect. Magic happened!

The students’ creations


A very private and special premier for fashion bloggers and editors was held in Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation on Friday, March 1st, where the models with our very own and unique creations walked down the catwalk, while the students of the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya presented and analyzed the influences and inspirations that led us to the final outcome of the costumes.

And the big day had come. Village World at the Mall Athens opened its doors on Monday 4th of March, for the Big Premiere. And of course we were there to offer a magical ride into our world full of fashion. The venue was filled with our creations. People were there to get a picture with the models and get in the magic mood of the movie.


We were all very passionate and dedicated to this project. Everyone worked hard in order to realize the concept and reach the final goal. The collaboration between us was excellent from the beginning until the end of this project. What an honor for us, at the beginning of our career, to have the chance to work alongside successful people and make a big and amazing project true. There is no doubt that it wasn’t easy for anybody! But I think the final outcome was worth every minute of tiredness and stress. Watching our work reach the desirable result was an unbelievable sense of pride and satisfaction. Everything was finally a success!


A huge thank you to Celia Kritharioti, 5226 Hommes by Nikos Krithariotis, Deux Hommes, Atelier Loukia, Konstantinos Melis by Laskos and Kalogirou! Many thanks to MAC Cosmetics and Yiannis Michailidis, ESSIE nails and hairstylist Stefanos Vassilakis. Last but not least, thank you Lipton for the warm fashionable support!

Travel in our magical world with the video-making of the fashionable project.


Thank you all who worked for this project. It was an amazing experience!