Let’s Hangout!

Photos: Spyros Xylas

Text: Vicky Kaya


One thing I love about technology is that it gives us the chance to communicate fast and easy!
I couldn’t help but grab the opportunity and plan my first YouTube Hangout- it will be so much fun! All you have to do is submit your question on my Facebook official page and you are good to go!
I will then pick my favorite questions and invite you online for a chat! How cool is that?

Backstage at our YouTube video-making


YouTube has open a whole new reality in our viral reality.
Let me introduce you to our official YouTube channels!
My personal official channel, Vicky Kaya Official and Fashion Workshop’s,  FWbyVickyKaya!
You can go online and see my personal videos and if you love fashion, FW can take you to the most fashionable ride!
Subscribe now and enjoy!

Can’t wait to meet you online




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